SARAH WINDELS : The Middle Road

Photographer Sarah Windels is hitting the road, again. In 2008 this Bay Area-based photographer took a road trip from San Francisco to New York capturing the literal political landscape of the United States with her film camera. Traveling during an election year, Windels set out to find visual indications of the turmoil in a starkly divided United States. Expecting sweeping visual manifestations in accord with the dramatic media presentation, what Windels found was a conspicuous yet discreet political landscape. She found that the voices were there but rather than being expressed on painted banners and loud propaganda, she found them to be polite, reserved, and rather uniform.

Every four years our political landscape becomes densely dotted by these rectangular yard signs stamping properties with political leanings. This labeling process, a small act of political involvement, has become a societal norm to us and makes for a very intriguing photo story as undertaken by Windels. Her images document a conventional form of expression in our culture and set against the backdrop of “average” American homes, they are earnest, hopeful, and absorbing.

As our country again finds itself deep in the throws of campaigns and dividing issues, Windels is planning another trip across country along highway 80. Visit the artist’s Kickstarter project and website to find out more about her work.



One thought on “SARAH WINDELS : The Middle Road

  1. Hi Milena! So you’re back in San Francisco now? Wow! What a summer you had! :D

    We’d love it if you’d like to write a summary piece for iRez on your experiences at dOCUMENTA(13)

    Hope you’re doing well!


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